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Choco-Story, The Chocolate Museum is open every day from 10am to 6pm (last tickets at 5pm).

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Cocoa has been tantalising our sense of taste for centuries: from the spiced drink of the gods among the Mayans and Aztecs to the popular sweet chocolate milk in Europe. Knowing that more than three-quarters of people love chocolate, it should come as no surprise that the fascination for this exquisite delicacy is very high.

The museum

Choco-Story brings the 5,500-year history of chocolate to life in words, images and taste. The museum fully immerses you in the fascinating world of chocolate and lets you experience a sensory journey through time, where you not only look, but also smell and taste the chocolate !
Young or old, passionate chocolate lover or simply curious, … the Chocolate Museum will certainly capture your fascination. Even the historians among us will undoubtedly enjoy the numerous authentic artefacts.

Chocolate museum Belgium
Musée du chocolat Belgique

Demonstration and tasters

Consisting of three levels, the museum tells the origin and evolution of chocolate through a unique collection of just under a thousand objects. In addition to its history, the museum also shows how chocolate is made, with a special focus on the varied raw materials and production process of the past and the present.
In the workshop area, visitors are able to find out the secret behind shiny beautifully filled chocolates and taste the chocolates they have made for themselves.

A passion for chocolate

The museum is a private initiative founded by the Van Belle family who are passionate chocolate lovers. They receive the support of Belcolade, the only Belgian-owned manufacturer of authentic Belgian chocolate.
With a private collection of some 1,000 objects, the museum is unique in Belgium.