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Online Visit

Just to give you a taste of your visit to Choco-Story
here are a few descriptions and pictures of what you will see there :

A visit to the building alone is worth the trip. This large house is surprisingly tall.
Four floors were rare in Bruges houses in the 15th century. The building dates from approximately 1480.
To begin with, it was a tavern i.e. a wine store and shop

In the entrance hall, you can read about the complete history of the building as well as the story of chocolate in Bruges.

On the first floor, in room A, you will get to know the customs, beliefs and everyday lives of the Mayans and the Aztecs
and how they used cocoa as an offering to the gods

Then you will see how these people used cocoa as currency and as a drink.

And then how the Spaniards adopted the drink, but added sugar to it.

This sweet drink became the favourite beverage at Europe's royal courts.

You will see how chocolate cups came into use: mancerinas, "trembleuses" and

On the second floor, in room C, you will learn about the cocoa tree and bean production

Chocolate was made only by craftsman until the 19th century,
but then industrialisation gradually took over chocolate production

On the third floor in room D, Choco-Story explains
- why Belgian chocolate is so good
- why chocolate is good for you
- the history of Belgian producers.

- the history of the Royal family through chocolate and biscuit tins

- and the story of Belcolade, the only major manufacturer of couverture chocolate for professionals which is still Belgian

The visit to the third-floor ends with a short film on cocoa and chocolate

Below, on the ground floor, the visit ends with a demonstration and chocolate tasting.

Since the beginning of 2007, we have added 3 new rooms

- Room F, where the visitor can see the composition of dark, milk and white chocolate, and the oldest known Aztec and Spanish recipe

- Room G, with astonishing statues made in chocolate and our workshop

- Room H, our demonstration room where you can follow the demonstration of delicious Belgian pralines and ask all the questions you still might have about chocolate.

Enjoy your visit!