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Recipes for chocolate drinks Recipes from Mexico

Recipes from Tabasco Mexico


o 1 kilo corn
o 1 spoonful of quick lime
o 250 grams of roasted and peeledcocoa beans
o 3 litres water

Heat corn in the water with the lime, until the husk of the corn comes away easily when the grains are rubbed between the fingers.
Take off the heat and rinse several times to wash them perfectly.
Grind the cocoa and the boiled corn separately.
Mix both ingredients and then beat them together with 3 liters of cold water.
Serve the pozol in 'jicaras'.

Pozol is a traditional drink to which can be added chorote flowers, " piste " (roasted sapotilla seeds), " camote " (sweet potato), etc.
It can be drunk on its own or accompanied by other dishes.


o 3 litres water
o 250 g corn
o 2 kilos ground cinders
o 50 g roasted peeled cocoa beans
o 250 g sugar
o 3 pixtles (apricot tree seeds from the Antilles)
o 10 cocoa flowers

Pour the water into an appropriate vessel, add the cinders, mix well and allow to rest.
Then pour the water into another vessel keeping back the cinders residue, add the corn and place the mixture on the heat.
When it is cooked, mix the paste obtained with the cocoa and the pixtles until a smooth, homogeneous paste is obtained.
Then place the mixture into an appropriate vessel and add water.
Beat vigorously until a rich mousse is obtained.
Separately, dissolve the sugar in a cup of water to make syrup. Serve in individual glasses and sweeten to taste with the syrup.

Tabasco pepper chocolate

o 1 kilo dry cocoa
o 10 Tabasco peppers
o water or milk
o sugar to taste

Finely crush the cocoa with the pepper in a heated metate (a kind of mortar) or in a hand mill.
Make tablets of approximately 30 grams and let them harden.
Then cut them into pieces and put them in a basin; add boiling water or milk (1 cup per tablet) and beat with a whisk ('molinillo').
This chocolate can be drunk in its bitter state or sweetened with sugar

Tabasco pepper is also known as Jamaica pepper (pimienta gorda) or earth pepper (pimienta de la tierra).

Old-style milled chocolate

o 1 kilo roasted cocoa beans
o 2 cups roasted almonds
o 2 spoons of milled cinnamon
o 2 cups of sugar
o 2 heated egg yolks

Grind the cocoa in a metate (a kind of mortar) heated two or three times to obtain a creamy consistency.
Then progressively add the almonds, the cinnamon, the sugar and the egg yolks.
Pour the paste into special moulds or tin circles placed on greaseproof paper to form tablets of 500 g.
Use a knife to mark out 16 portions in each tablet.
To prepare the drink, dissolve each portion of chocolate in 250 ml of boiling water or milk.
Beat with a whisk ('molinillo') until a rich mousse is obtained.

You can grind the ingredients beforehand in a food mixer and continue to grind in the metate until the paste is obtained.
For this recipe it is not necessary to remove the skin of the cocoa beans.


o 1 kilo grilled and crushed tortillas
o 250 g peeled and roasted cocoa beans
o 10 cinnamon sticks, cut into small pieces
o 5 g rocou paste
o water, as necessary
o sugar to taste

Mix the crushed tortilla with the cocoa, cinnamon and the rocou and grind them in a hand mill
To prepare the drink, add two spoonfuls of this preparation per glass of water, sweeten to taste with sugar and beat with a whisk ('molinillo') before serving.

A tortilla is a sort of pancake made with corn flour
The sugar can also be added during milling to be blend perfectly with the other ingredients.

Atole of tender corn with chocolate

o 6 de-seeded tender ears of corn
o 2 cups of water
o 1 litre of milk
o 2 tablets of chocolate broken into pieces

Mix the grains of corn with half the water.
Sieve the mixture and pour the residue into the other half of the water and again pass through a sieve.
Repeat this operation until there is only clean residue left.
Heat the mixture on a low heat and allow to boil, stirring constantly until it thickens
Then progressively pour on the milk and add the chocolate.
Continue to stir until the chocolate melts.

Grilled and crushed corn Champurrado

o 2 cups of grilled, crushed corn
o 1 ½ litres of water
o white or brown sugar according to taste
o 1 cinnamon stick
o 2 tablets of bitter chocolate cut into pieces

Mix the corn with half the water.
Sieve the mixture then pour it into a vessel containing the rest of the water which has been brought to the boil.
Add the sugar, the cinnamon and the chocolate.
Let the mixture boil on a low heat until the atole consistency has been achieved.

If you wish you can replace the grilled, crushed corn with tortilla dough


o 250 g grilled crushed corn
o 50 g grilled crushed cocoa beans
o 1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon
o sugar to taste
o 2 litres water
o ice to taste

Perfectly mix the corn with the cocoa, cinnamon and sugar.
Pour water (cold or hot) on the mixture and beat until any lumps disappear.
If you wish to drink it cold, you can add ice before serving


o 1 kilo grilled, crushed cocoa beans
o 250 g sugar
o 10 g rocou paste

Mix the cocoa, sugar and rocou. Add two soup spoons of this powder per glass of cold water and beat vigorously

The use of rocou in this recipe is to give a red colour to the drink

Recipes from Jalapa Mexico

In the Churreria del Recuerdo we have assisted to the preparation of 4 chocolate drinks :

  1. Mexican chocolate drink with water
    • good chocolate taste, but watery texture
  2. French chocolate drink with a lot of milk
    • nice milky taste, but not enough taste of chocolate
    • unbelievably stable foam / mousse topping, after beating with the molinillo
  3. Spanish chocolate, with less milk
    • excellent chocolate taste
    • but less foam
  4. Champurrado made from cooked corn + chocolate + water